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Air Valves serve a very important purpose in Landscaping systems. Dutco Tennant LLC provides Landscaping Air valves which are a preferred option for landscaping purpose. They have a small size, they are designed with innovative design, and they have been made with high-performance uPVC compounds. Our Air Valves have inventive Float design, they have large orifice opening through the air may be taken out easily from the landscaping system.

Our Valves have a special rubber seal to stop leakage. Air Release valves are highly useful in Landscaping systems. They act as a safe means to release entrapped air and release the vacuum in the Landscaping irrigation network. These Air valves have a float to detect the presence of air, and there is a linkage mechanism which readily opens the orifice when there is full pipeline pressure.

Important features of our Landscaping Air Valves are:

  • They are double or triple action kinetic air valves to take out and introduce air from and into landscaping Irrigation systems.
  • Made with Nylon 6.6 and supported with 30% fiber-glass. They have a rubber closure gasket and polystyrene float.
  • Support for wide pressure range.
  • They are fit for continuous functioning.
  • It can release air from the system while the pipelines are filling. When the water flows and pushes inside the valve, the float rises and closes the discharge outlet.
  • Helps the pipes from collapsing when there are pressure decreases and the system is empty. As the system gets emptied, the float drops and opens the seal, letting air inside the pipe.

Advantages of the valve –

Air valves discharge large quantities of air from non-pressurized pipes and are used mainly when filling a line. These valves also make it possible to admit large quantities of air when lines are drained and at water column separation. Air valves are also known as kinetic valves, large orifice air valves, vacuum breakers, low-pressure air valves, and air relief valves. Automatic air release valves continuously release relatively small quantities of air from a pressurized line. The automatic air valve is also known as an: air release valve; small orifice air valve and as a pressure air valve. Combination air valves fulfill the tasks required of both types of valve – air & vacuum and automatic. In other words – they discharge or admit large volumes of air when filling or emptying a system and continuously release small volumes air when the line is pressurized. Combination air valves are also known as double orifice air valves.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a number one landscaping Air Valves provider in the Middle East and GCC. We have provided good-quality landscaping & Irrigation valves for our clients. Contact us today either through phone or through Email for reliable Air valves which give consistent performance.

Landscaping Air Valve

Landscaping Air Valve