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Strainers are important in any Landscaping projects, and we are a leading Landscaping Strainers provider in the Middle East and GCC. Counted amongst the key components of a Landscaping network, Strainers play a very important role. We have multiple type Strainers to protect important appliances in your network, such as Pumps, Flow-meters, Control valves, and other costly devices.

What purpose does a Strainer serve? These equipment are used to remove particles like leaves, sticks or other impurities from the Landscaping pipelines. The foreign particles like soil present in the water can damage costly equipment in your Landscaping system. When a Strainer is used, these foreign particles get stuck in the equipment’ filter, which may be easily cleaned when you want.

If the differential pressure reading in your Landscaping Network is too high, the blow-off port can be used to clear the entrapped debris found at the bottom of the system. Our supply has multiple Strainers which have the largest capacities in comparison to other Strainers. We offer a complete range in Landscaping Strainers, also the flanged ‘Y’ type strainers which may be generally used for in-line filtration between two counter-flanges. We provide Strainers generally made by Cast iron; however, other types of Strainers can be used as well.

We provide Strainers which come in multiple sizes, and they have different class ratings. How do impurities get into the Landscaping network? – The Landscaping network impurities include soil, debris, leaves, straws, and other matters that enter the Landscaping pipes when the pump is running. As the time passes by, Scales and rust matters may get deposited on the walls of the pipe, water flow may cause them to get dislodged and subsequently get washed around in the pipe with flowing water. Hence, to protect water networks and precious equipment, Strainers are used before Water meters and Control valves, to prevent impurities from damaging this costly equipment. We are a popular and reliable name for giving Landscaping products in the Middle East and the GCC area. Talk to us today, for good quality Strainers in your area. Dutco Tennant LLC has been able to earn an honorable position in the market of the Middle East and GCC region as a trusted supplier of various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions. With our goal to meet the diverse demands of the customers with uncompromised quality and punctuality, we have been earning appreciation among the consumers.

Y Strainer For Landscaping Work

Y Strainer For Landscaping Work