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Under the stress of sporting and other events, only strong, healthy turf will hold up better and adequate irrigation is critical to promoting that healthy turfgrass culture. Proper irrigation ensures deep and healthy roots which help the turf recover quickly from the damage inflicted by competition and other activities. A well-maintained field gives an aesthetic beauty and also provides the utmost comfort for various sports while decreasing injuries. Poorly maintained sports fields may fail to recover from any substantial damage and might become unplayable before the end of a season.

A simple and low-cost method of providing the required water is by using mobile sprinklers. This consists of lightweight metal bases fitted with 360-degree sprinkler heads linked together with flexible hose. They are easy to set up and relocate as they use ‘Geka’ twist-lock fitting for coupling and uncoupling. Covering the pitch in as few moves as possible without outstripping the available water supply is the aim.

A traveling sprinkler system provides an easy way of watering a pitch without being very labor-intensive. Roll Cart is a traveling sprinkler which is ideal for watering large turf areas. It is capable of achieving a throw of up to 18m in radius, the Roll Cart can be used in larger turf areas, parks, and sports grounds. The Roll Cart starts traveling as soon as the water supply is turned on. The Roll Cart is drawn toward a guide rope and turns off automatically at the end of its run.

Features and benefits –

  • Multiple Uses - Part circle sprinkler allows the operator to define the area to be irrigated. It can be operated in full or part circle mode.
  • Variable Speed - Speed can be altered by regulating the water flow. RollcarT will operate between 10 to 20 m/Hr.
  • Uniform Distribution - ZE impact sprinkler coupled with constant speed delivers uniform water distribution.
  • Maintenance Free - Gears are sealed and operate at low friction and remain practically maintenance-free.
  • Convenience - Compact self contained design ensures simple set-up and storage.
  • Lawn Friendly - Part circle sprinkler operation allows the Roll Cart to travel on dry ground eliminating potential damage to the new seeded lawn.
Roll Cars

Roll Cars