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Roll Cars Sports Turf Irrigation (Golf Course, Sports Stadium)

The Rollcartt traveling sprinkler can move and irrigate independently. They are used for mainly large-sized green areas, nurseries, sports fields, and gardens. The machine starts to move as soon as the water supply is turned on and it is drawn slowly along the surface along with the previously laid out steel cable. At the very end of the designated areas, the sprinkler will stop automatically the irrigation and water flow. It comes with a 1-inch water supply hose and a length of a minimum of 60m is also drawn behind the cart. The efficient and economical watering requirements of areas between 1/4 to 2 acres are offered by Rollcart. It is also ideally suited for irrigating playgrounds, estates, and cemeteries where it is impractical to have an underground system. They need a minimum of 6 bars of pressure at the hose.


  • Pace of work: 10 to 20 m / hr.
  • Water pressure: 3.5 bar on the device
  • Water consumption: 3.00 m³ / h Irrigation width: 28 to 36 m
  • Irrigation Length: 120 m
  • Material: Alu, brass, high quality plasticDimension: 75 x 75 x 80 cm
  • Mass: 27.0 kg


  • Variable Waterflow – Via the infinite regulation of speed, the water flow can be adjusted for suiting every application.
  • Multiusability – The part circle sprinkler helps the operator for defining the area which is to be irrigated. As an example, irrigating the left or right of the sprinkler car or any sector of a circle can be obtained easily.
  • Free of maintenance – There is a very low friction factor for the sealed gears and are therefore completely free of maintenance.
  • Uniform distribution of water – The precise distribution of the Rollcart ZE sprinkler and the constant speed ensures an optimal distribution of water.
  • Suitable for lawns – It can easily travel on estate areas and dry lawns.
  • Convenience – The compact self-contained design makes the operation of the machine easy for the end-user.