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Dutco Tennant LLC supplies a good quality Penstock and Stoplogs from the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer a superb range Penstocks from 200 mm to 2000 mm sizes, made for 0.6 bar on-seating and off-seating head. We can also provide a project-specific door design as per your static - head requirements. Our Penstocks are suitable for numerous isolation and flow control uses especially: landscaping and irrigation projects.

Penstocks are pipes or long channels that carry water down from the hydroelectric reservoir to the turbines inside the actual power station. Conventionally they are made with steel and through them, water flows under high pressure. They are a vital component of a hydroelectric facility which allows water to move to the turbine. Grates or filters can be attached to the ends of penstocks to trap large debris such as branches which ensures that debris cannot enter the channel and block it.

We have Frame-mounted EPDM double wiper side and seals, and door-mounted EPDM seal. All our seals are designed as mechanically fixed and they may be easily replaced in-situ. You can fix them in two ways, either direct wall fixing or through an on or off-seating channel fixing method.

Stop logs offer a cost-effective solution for temporary flow diversion at the time when doing maintenance or for other tasks. You can use it in a wide variety of installations including flood control, and you can even achieve single spans of up to 6 meters. Both our frame and logs are available in 304 & 316-grade stainless steel to match your requirements. Our team of engineers can arrange for full installation and in-field testing of our product range to match your requirements.

Penstocks and Stoplogs are low-pressure intake devices used for channels, tanks, and basins, and are usually wall-mounted. Their normal position is open, and they are closed when maintenance is required. To assist in easy handling, Stoplogs are normally made using several units that should be lifted by a beam and kept one on top of the other to reach a level higher than the needed water level.

Features which make them better than others:

  • They have a body made with structural steel (carbon or stainless steel).
  • Sliding guides are made with stainless steel, bronze or special alloy.
  • Their tightness system is made using metal on metal or through soft seal (EPDM, NBR, Teflon, and others).
  • Where they find applications: They are used in channels for low-pressure intakes, tanks, and basins (Penstocks and Stoplogs).
Penstock / Stoplogs

Penstock / Stoplogs