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Penstock / Stoplogs Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE)

Dutcotenants supply a range of Industrial wall penstocks, which blocks important bottlenecks in your water system. The optimal density is guaranteed in an ingenious way, even at extreme water pressure. For instance, the KSA-HD has a moving plate wich is placed accordingly to a sealing compartment which is placed under a 3° angle. Moreover, the moving plate is seamlessly adjustable with respect to the back plate. The penstock can be operated with an operating key (removable), a hand wheel or an electronic mechanism, like an Auma or Rotork actuator.

We provide solutions suitable for sealing a duct up to 40 MwC, with a double sluice function. Because of the chosen materials, the penstock is suitable for usage in surface water, process water and sewage.