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Plug valve is quarter-turn rotary motion Valve that uses a tapered or cylindrical plug to stop or start the flow. The disk is in plug shape, which has a passage to pass the flow. In open position, this bored passage is in line with the flow. When the plug is turned 90 degrees from the open position, the solid part of the plug blocks the flow. Plug valve is used in place of a gate valve where a quick operation is required. It can be used in high-pressure temperature services. Plug Valve is the solution for systems where slurries, grit or solids are present. The eccentric plug valve is a ¼ turn valve allowing cost-effective, low torque actuation for pump control, shut-off, and throttling service.

The range of plug valve applications is broad, and our portfolio reliably addresses the vast majority of requirements. High temperatures and pressures. Corrosive media. Lethal, toxic and sub-zero fluids. Our family of plug valves delivers low energy consumption through low-torque designs and safe operation with tight shutoff performance. High levels of uptime are achieved through pressure-balanced designs. Absolute shutoff requirements can be addressed by double-isolation models.

You will find our valves doing the job all around the Middle East and GCC regardless of critical, lethal, toxic or aggressive. That is because extended service life, safe operation, and environmental protection are at the core of every valve we manufacture. Our customers can easily find the configuration they require, engineered to meet requisite performance and safety standards, whether it’s a standard or custom-engineered solution. It’s a portfolio of brands for quarter-turn, rotary, linear, control and specialty configurations that covers today’s toughest demands for valve performance. But we’re looking ahead to the new challenges that will test the current state of valve manufacture. This mindset pushes us to continually pursue advancements in materials and severe-duty enhancements and the next levels of precision control, optimized flow and fail-safe shut-off.

Industrial sites around the world trust us to provide unmatched control for the most difficult fluid management applications. The exacting design and manufacturing of our quarter-turn, rotary, linear, control and specialty valves result in reliable performance, extended service life, and safe operation in a wide range of applications and environments. Due to our exemplary performance, unmatched quality, punctuality and immense knowledge of the product, we have been ruling the marketplace of the Middle East and GCC for over four decades.

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