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Centric-Cast Iron District Cooling Products

Elevate your kitchen with Centric-Cast Iron – premium quality cookware for every chef's needs

  • Available in Sizes 1/2" - 60"
  • Advanced Technology - Pop™ Shims, Grit Guard™, Eccentric Action
  • Rectangular Port - available in standard or 100% port
  • Available in Threaded, Flanged, Mechanical Joint, 3-Way and 4-Way
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Direct Nut, Worm Gear, Cylinder and Electric Actuated


  • Plug – heavy-duty fully rubber encapsulated
  • Welded nickel seat – robotically welded 1/8in thick
  • Grit-Guard™ shaft seals – prevents bearing wear and shaft seizing
  • V-type packing – self adjusting and replaceable while under pressure
  • Stainless steel radial upper and lower bearings – permanently lubricated for extended life
  • Upper and lower thrust bearings – to assure plug centering
  • Packing overload protection (Pop™) Shims – ease of adjustment, extends packing life
  • Full access cover – allows inline maintenance