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Water leak monitoring in buildings with sensitive electric and electronic equipment or valuables is today an elementary part of building supervision and guarding. Server rooms can be monitored reliably for the detection of water leaks in the cooling systems if the recommendation in the information security catalog is followed. Our supplied water leakage detection systems are used for the surveillance of rooms, piping, and individual items. Each leakage is detected with meter accuracy and reported directly in the building surveillance. This ensures that the location of the leakage can be found quickly so that countermeasures can be introduced immediately. The sensor cable and point sensors can be combined at will. The monitoring electronics are available with or without locating. System calibration is not required. In addition, line-break monitoring is integrated into each system.

There are various water leak detection systems on the market. Some simply sense that water is present and sound an alarm. When someone is at home, they will then know to run and shut off the water. But if no one is present inside then an alarm won’t help and the water is just going to continue to run. A much better form of the leak detection system is one which is a flow interrupter. They will actually interrupt the flow of water if it detects a problem.

These leak detection systems can actually shut off the water when the system senses an excess flow of water beyond a pre-set limit. This type of detection system is normally installed by a professional, and in some cases, in addition to shutting off the flow of water, they can also send text messages to your smartphone to notify that a leak has occurred. In case of low battery, some devices can also notify that or if a low temperature is detected. If the temperature has dropped to a dangerous level, and the system will shut off the water before the pipes freeze and burst. Water sensors are often placed throughout your home close to plumbing fixtures, pipe seams, and any appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

Fields of application –

Computer centers, telephone exchanges, libraries, museums, archives, book stores, clean air rooms, air-conditioning and heating centers, etc.

Features –

  • Easy and quick installation, modular principle
  • No system calibration required
  • Simple integration into the building surveillance
  • Visual and acoustic alarm signal, galvanically isolated indicator relay
  • Sensor cable and point sensor can be combined, Line break monitoring
  • Durable and reliable
Leak Detection-Water

Leak Detection-Water

Leak Detection - Acid

Leak Detection - Acid