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For meeting the growing use of variable speed pumps for HVAC applications, we have brought out a range of Differential Pressure Control Valves (DPCV) which is specifically aimed at optimizing system performance. Very much efficient, the DPCV is set to a maximum differential pressure that ensures flow cannot exceed a desired rate. It, therefore, helps reduce energy consumption, the risk of noise and simplifies the commissioning process. A differential pressure control valve ensures a constant differential pressure across a Hydronics system with variable flow. It is used in heating and cooling systems for climate control. The constant differential pressure guarantees an optimal function of the devices in the branch. A differential pressure controller comprises a valve and a pressure actuator. Differential pressure controllers in the primary system are mainly used to maintain a constant and lower differential pressure across a motorized control valve or total system/substation. The differential pressure controller should be used whenever the ratio between the maximum and minimum available differential pressure from the network is greater than 2. A differential pressure controller can also be used to perform flow limitation in combination with a motorized control valve. It is recommended to place the controller in the return after the components across which a constant pressure is maintained. In certain situations, mainly when the supply pressure is very high, it can be useful to install the differential pressure controller in the flow.

Primary Benefits –

  • Energy savings due to the removal of overflows in the pipes and homogeneous temperature returns.
  • Expendable systems without new commissioning: The DPCV valves are recommended for ensuring pressure independent zones. The benefit is to offer the possibility of easily creating new zones without updating the whole system.
  • The control valves always work at their best authority: When the control valves force the system to work at partial loads (TRVs), there is no impact on the differential pressure of the other zones.
  • Reduction of the noise in the installation by not exceeding the required differential pressure.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install,
  • Long life expectancy and
  • Require little or no maintenance.
  • Available in sizes DN15 to DN50, they are PN16 rated and have an adjustable differential pressure range of 20 – 100kPa.
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