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DZR Brass HVAC Products

Differential pressure control valve (DPCV) upto 50mm are available in DZR Brass Body and are usedto maintain a constant differential pressure between two points in a pipework system for better optimization of the energy consumption.

DPCV’s also give better control especially at low flows. They are better able to cope in systems with high pump pressures. And more likely to give flow repeatability.


  • DZR Brass body (CW602N-M)
  • Differential pressure can be set and adjusted in situ
  • Tamper proof pre-setting device
  • Removable differential pressure cartridge allows forward flushing as well as back-flushing
  • Reduction of commissioning, improved energy saving
  • Phased installation and system future proofing

Technical Data

Max Pressure 16 Bar
Working Temperature -10°C to +120°C