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An electricity meter is a device that measures the total electrical energy (or electricity) consumed by the appliances which draw electrical energy from the main power supply at a house or an official space and so on. It commonly can be seen in modern households of today. The digits which can be seen on an electricity meter tell about the units of electricity which have been consumed so far and the electricity bill entirely depends on this. The reading on the meter is cumulative, which means that to determine the consumption reading of a particular month, the difference of readings between that and the previous month must be calculated to make a bill.

The electromechanical meter was the most common mostly in Asian countries a few years ago and is still very popular in the rural areas where the penetration of modern technology is not as high as it is in the urban areas. The non-magnetic metallic disc attached to these meters internally which rotates depending upon the power passing through it. So if the power passing through it is high then the disc rotates faster and when the passage is low it rotates slower. The rate of rotation, in turn, decides the reading on the electricity meter. Higher rotation means higher reading and vice-versa. As there is the rotation of a disc involved so it is bound to consume some electrical energy itself which is not registered on the meter

Highly popular currently, electronic meters have an LED/LCD display on which the readings of the electricity consumption of the connected appliances. The readings are digital in electronic meters in contrast to the electromechanical meters. These are more efficient than electromechanical meters as they register every small amount of electricity consumed.

The newest addition to the type of electricity meters are smart meters which look very similar to electronic meters but they are better than both the previous types of meter in the sense that in addition to providing the usual services of a regular meter, they are connected back to the utility through the internet. This makes it no need of an official to visit the meter site manually to record the meter readings as the readings can be automatically sent via the internet.

We also supply a three-phase electricity meter test bench with extremely compact design size and lightweight for simultaneous and automatic testing of 4 electricity meters.

Electricity Meter Test Bench

Electricity Meter Test Bench