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Electricity Meter Test Bench Electricity Transmission & Distribution


  • Universal Meter Test system for simultaneous testing of 20 meters Single phase and Three Phase Energy Meter
  • ASTeL 3.24-20 type; 0.04% accuracy class
  • ICT (Current separation transformer) enable testing of meters with internally closed IP links.
  • Capable to measure all kinds of electricity meter 2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire and of accuracy class 0.2,0.5, 1 and 2
  • Any number of meters (between 1 and 20 can be tested at the same time).
  • Scanning head for automated reading of both mechanical and static meter and also optical gead for data retrieval
  • Bar code reader for automatic input of meter numbers upon scanning.
  • Additional 20 meter rack can be provided at extra cost on a later date if required,.
  • Voltage Output 3 x 30 to 350 V; Current Output 3 x 1mA to 200 Amps; Output frequency 45 to 65 Hz; Phase angle 0 deg to 360 deg
  • Accuracy test in all four quadrants (active, reactive and apparent energy) ; No-load test (creep test) ; Starting current test; Register test (dial test) ; Meter constant test ; Pulse input and output test; Influence quantity test (voltage, frequency, harmonic distortion, etc.); Calibration of reference standard having lower accuracy than the employed reference standard; Pre-warming; Dips & interruptions; Ripple control
  • Windows 7 operating system with backup provision, 2GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVD , 20” LCD,
  • Remote assistance from manufacturer.
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