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Flap Valves are used for controlling flow of a liquid inside a pipeline. This term is used for a number of devices that are used for controlling the flow of liquid. Different kinds of valves are used for on-off control, for modulating the flow rate through the irrigation system, and for preventing the back-flow. Valves can also be used for pressure relief or as a safety device. Valves may be simple manual on-off devices or advanced control equipment that can be used as metering instruments and deliver fixed amounts of water to the irrigation and landscaping system.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a big name in supplying different kinds of equipment for irrigation and landscaping requirements in the Middle East and GCC region, we are renowned flap valve suppliers. We have provided plastic flap valve and stainless steel flap valve to clients in this region for over four decades, and have earned the reputation of being number one supplier of irrigation and landscaping water products.

We are a reputed flap valve trader who provides irrigation and landscaping valves that come in a variety of sizes, building materials, and uses.

Flap valves for irrigation and landscaping can be used to prevent back flow in pipelines and in other uses to prevent flooding. Working principle of these valves is very simple - when attached to an end of a pipe, the pressure of the water flowing out opens it and it closes when the water stops falling from the pipe.

These one way valves supplied by us find use in irrigation and landscaping. Though we supply flapper valves of all kinds, di stainless steel valves & cast iron valves are in great demands for their strength and durability in large scale installations.

Important Features of Our Flap Valves are:

  • Our irrigation flap valves are inherently strong and they have important safety features included in their design. They can withstand exceptional loading.
  • These valves have good impact resistance capability which minimizes the chances of damage due to shock or sudden surges of water.
  • Made of a wide variety of materials such as ductile iron and cast iron.
  • These irrigation & landscaping flap valves give high resistance to erosion by grit.
  • These valves have full-face seating and low leakage rates.
  • All the valves have been coated with extremely durable powder coat and epoxy coatings.
  • All our flap valves have been designed using materials that are in conformance with industry standards.
DI & Stainless Steel Flap Valve

DI & Stainless Steel Flap Valve