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The tremendous population increase over the last few decades has led to a shortage of freshwater all over the world. This demands the use of desalinated seawater and processed sewage water for groundwater replenishment. For that, the water has to be carried over a long distance through pipelines. Dutco Tennant LLC has long experience in supplying sewage irrigation products to all the countries in the Middle East and GCC region.

About Sewage Irrigation Products:

The Middle East and GCC countries have witnessed a significant increase in their water demand in the last few decades. This increase in water utilization is because of the large expansion in agriculture practice and the developing of greeneries around the highways, roads, and cities.

As the production of desalinated water from the sea is quite expensive, hence, it is used mostly for drinking purposes. Authorities initiate a number of projects for the treatment and recycling of wastewater. They also initiate different plans for the artificial recharge of groundwater through treated sewage water.

Dutco Tennant LLC has experience in supplying a vast range of sewage irrigation products for agriculture for all the countries in the Middle East and GCC region. All the valves and other pipeline accessories that we supply for use in irrigation are robust and simple to use and are also inexpensive and easy to install. One of the primary sewage irrigation products that we supply is sewage irrigation filters.

Irrigation filters remove sediment and debris which can clog an irrigation system. We offer a variety of filters to meet the unique needs of our system; you can select a filter based on the quality of your water supply and the size of your system. Installing a filter in every irrigation system is recommended by us. Irrigation water can contain a variety of contaminants from silt and sand to algae and other decaying organic matter. Not all contaminants can be removed but with the correct filter, the water can usually be cleaned enough for effective irrigation. The level of filtration required is dependent on the type of irrigation system. Drip irrigation will need much finer filtration than spray irrigation to prevent blockages. Most filters are available as manual or automatic.

Two common terms are used to rate filtering capability –

Mesh, which is the number of wires per inch.

Micron which is the maximum particle size that can pass through the screen and with the increase of the mesh size, the micron size decreases.

Irrigation Filters

Irrigation Filters

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