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Chain Oils Maintenance Products

Across a wide range of applications, chains are used for the transfer of power. The chain system requires lubrication for allowing the free movement of chain components and to prevent excessive wear. Chains are highly stressed, as they run permanently in the mixed friction regime and are subject to high stress and impact loads.

Inadequate lubrication and resulting wear can lead a number of potentially detrimental effects like

  • Decreased chain and sprockets lifespan
  • Chain lengthening and erratic travel
  • Increased power consumption to drive the chain

Compared to conventional mineral oils, our products can provide special performance characteristics like

  • Good lubricity
  • High thermal and oxidative stability
  • Clean decomposition
  • Water solubility

The oils for lubrication of chains must ensure easy penetration into pins/bushes, providing a good grip without any dripping. Such lubricants must create a strong lubricant film, resistant to loads, low tendency to leave residues also when operating at high temperatures and must ensure high resistance to corrosion and water washout.

Benefits of our products

  • Reduction in premature wear of the chains
  • Anti-corrosion and water-repellent protection
  • Increased lifetime for the chains
  • Safety for your installations and your employees

Industrial chains are exposed to a variety of conditions including high temperature, moisture, and dust. Many of these chains have a much shorter life than necessary due to improper lubrication. We offer both multi-purpose fluid lubrication for drive chains or mild duty gear cases and dry film lubricants on all chain conveyor equipment and machinery operations. We also have a series of synthetic high-temperature chain and conveyor lubricant technology based on synthetic polyesters for extended life at extreme temperatures like 250-degree Celcius. These products comprise materials that can reduce evaporation, friction and wear to lubricate conveyor chains and double belt presses operating at high pressures and elevated temperatures.

Whether as hydraulic fluid, gear oil or food-grade chain oil – for various industrial applications Dutco offers a range of products that significantly contribute to modern production and manufacturing technology as well as service and maintenance. The production program ranges from high-quality, mineral oil-based products up to extremely high-performance synthetic oils which, in addition to extended re-lubrication intervals and reduced downtime, often contribute to a reduction in the variety of products in use and thus a reduction in costs. For the past four decades, we have been supplying the most advanced and highest rated products to the Middle East and GCC region which have been appreciated for their performance everywhere.