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Chain Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems Wastewater Solutions
Chain Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems Sludge Treatment Systems
Chain Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems Dutcotennant

Having a very similarity with longitudinal scrapers, the Chain Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems are designed to be used in rectangular tanks. The scraping blades are mounted among two chains which are in turn are fit among the wheels and shafts at various corners of the channel. The main motion of the chain which is actuated by the shaft drive’s revolution, the scraper blades can clean the sludge that settles at the bottom. The sludge from the bottom is scraped by the chain scrapper over a lateral hopper and skims the tank’s surface from the floating substances which convey them to a laterally placed channel. The chain scraper comprises a drive shaft, gear motor control unit, idle shafts, driving chains and the scraping blade is secured to the pulling chain. The motion of the gear motor is transmitted to the shaft with the help of two lateral crowns which puts in motion the two gearing chains. Again on the opposite side, there lies the transmission unit that helps in the tightening of the chain. The specific guides can keep the chain in the right position. The chain scrapers can clean just the tank’s bottom pr surface with the help of two independent scrappers that is possible with the request.

Chain Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems user-friendly and reliable solutions for settling basins of rectangular shape. They can be used for several applications like wastewater treatment and water, treatment of stormwater, desalination, and API oil-water separation. These chain scrapers can be built one above the other having 2-3 layers and can be applied for rectangular basins having around 100m of length and 12metres of width. These scrapers can be found in configurations of 4 shafts and two/three shafts which depends on the type of the clarifier. There lies a unique tensioning system in our supplied range of chain scraper systems which allows for the tensioning of the chain without draining the tank. This can save resources and time which makes it the most operator-friendly solution. The system gets tightened above the level of water with the help of a very simple screwing system. The tensioning system can prevent the faults of misalignments which can be caused if the chain goes loose. With sensor indicators and an automatic tension, the tensioning system can be equipped. These features become convenient when the sludge collector goes completely inside the water and it is not visible to the operator.

We supply chain scrapers that are designed to last for decades and are made up of high-class non-corrosive components. The components of high-grade plastic and stainless steel can make the system reliable and robust. Safe and comfortable use for operators is enabled by safety components like flight run and overload indicators. For the collection of the floating scum, we offer a rotating tubular, scum pipe skimmer system. The scum pipe’s actuation can either be automatic or manual. The scum pipes are made up of stainless steel. The chain scrappers are hugely used for rectangular-shaped tanks and come with the specific function of conveying the gathered sludge on the tank’s bottom into a lateral hopper and then clean the surface of the water from any kind of floating substances by conveying them into a lateral channel. The chain scraper mainly comprises of a drive shaft which is placed on the final end of the tank has two crown gears at the extremities, a gear motor control unit, three or more idle shafts with toothed crowns, two driving chains, secured to the pulling chain, two driving chains, scraping blade, press-bended metal sheet, and adjustable rubber which makes it complete. The motion of the gear is transferred to the shaft which with the help of two types of lateral crowns can put in motion the two gearing chains. Over the opposite side, there lies the transmission unit that can serve for the tightening of the chain; again specific guides can keep the chain in the correct position to avoiding any deflection because of the self-weight and the scrappers.

The scrapers have a double function which makes them particularly as a matter of fact during the lower run; they can push the sludge into the recovery hopper while during the higher run they can convey the floating materials into the recovery hopper while during the higher run they can convey floating materials into the lateral channel. A chain scrapper that can only clean the bottom or surface of the tank and complete with two completely independent scrapers, can be supplied on request for special types of requirements. On special request, it is can be possible to combine both the models and hand the surface and bottom of thank be cleaned with two totally independent scrapers.

Benefits and Features –
• Long life time
• Designed to be reliable and robust
• Quick and easy installation
• Low investment and operation costs
• Low wear and tear as only slowrunning components
• High efficiency with low energy consumption