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Longitudinal Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems Sludge Treatment Systems


For sedimentation tanks having a rectangular design for removing grit or sludge, longitudinal scrapers are used. This equipment can scrape out the sand or sludge longitudinally and transfer it into the collection hopper for sludge at the very end of the tank. The surface pallets of surface scrapping at the very same time carry the oil or foam to the point of discharge at the completely opposite part. For descaling and desludging of the primary and the final settling tanks which also can be used as scrapers for Grit chambers, in the treatment plants sludge scrapers. Being very much similar to the scrapers of circular shape, they can be classified depending on several features. With the help of a cable trolley or cable drum, the input of power can be realized. The sludge which settles at the bottom can be disposed of out with the help of a pump or air-lift system that travels on the bridge or the sucking up of the sludge or can be continuously scraped on the funnel of the sludge which is located at one end of the channel with the help of scraper blades which are mounted on the bridge that depends on the application. The removal of the materials settled can be done by the following methods based on the material settled –

For the settled grit:
• Scraper blades
• Grit pumps
• Air-lift system
For the settled sludge:
• Scraper blades
• Sludge pumps
• Suction

Generally in the direction of the flow to the tank’s outlet end, the floating scum is moved from where it gets removed. On end carriages at both sides, the bridge is mounted that have wheels being driven on rails or two guiding wheels. The unit for speed reduction involves a gearbox for the required gentle slow-movement and optionally an emitter of torque. By the means of a cable trolley or cable drum, the input of power can be realized. For a year-round safe operation, even in most of the toughest conditions like snow, ice, and wet surface. The scrapers can be found with a positive drive-through rack and rail. Tried and tested robust range of Longitudinal Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems having long life cycle are supplied by us.
The Longitudinal Scrapers for Sludge Treatment Systems are having bridge designs that span over one or various side-by-side installed range of longitudinal tanks. The blade scraper can push the sludge deposits against the direction of the flow inside a sludge hopper that is located at the inlet while the system for suction conveys the sediment from the bottom of the tank directly over a collecting trough. Like an optional system, the removal of sludge is also made possible both in operational directions which allow the removal of higher amounts of sludge having a shorter retention period sludge. Generally in the flow direction of the outlet end of the sedimentation tank, the floating scum is moved from where it gets removed.

• Robust and reliable design
• Quick and easy installation even into existing tanks
• Efficient separation of liquid and solid phases
• Low energy consumption
• Low wear and tear as only slow running components
• High efficiency
• Single or multiple tanks
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