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Circuit Breaker Operational Analyser Generation

HISAC Swift - Circuit Breaker Operational Analyser is meant for checking the performance of the MV Circuit Breakers. The Analyser contains various intelligent measuring modules designed for measuring parameters such as contact timings of Main/PIR & Auxiliary contacts, Close/Trip Coil Current characteristics and Static Contact Resistance of R, Y & B poles simultaneously. The results can be directly viewed on the TFT touch screen display in graphical as well as numerical form. It is possible to print the graph on a built-in thermal printer or download record to PC for further analysis on CPLOT software. This all in one instrument is best suited for gang operated CBs.


  • Type Tested as per IEC 60068, IEC 61326 & IEC 61010-1. CE marked
  • Breaker information data entry and system settings entered into the kit through the touch screen keyboard
  • Operations: C, O, C-O, O-C, O-C-O with configurable delays
  • Contact timing of 3 Main and 3 PIR Contacts with 0.05mS resolution
  • One internal channel to measure close and Trip coil current
  • 3 multiplexed channels to measure Static Contact resistance with 0.1μΩ resolution and range up to 2Ω
  • CPLOT software provided with instrument for further analysis on PC
  • TFT Color LCD screen with touch, In-built printer, In-built memory for internal data storage
  • Instrument housed in IP67 molded case