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Circuit Breaker Time Interval Meter Generation

SCOPE’s iconic SCOT series Circuit breaker time interval meter is in all new super light avatars, based on cutting edge micro-controller & embedded technology. SCOT MXP+ incorporates some state of the art hardware & smart software features making it a must have tool for testing & maintenance engineers. It is compact, lightweight and reliable instrument used for measurement of operation times of all types of HV and EHV circuit breakers under live switchyard conditions.

SCOT MXP+ measures, displays and prints CLOSE, OPEN and CLOSE-OPEN time of 2 Main + 2 PIR contacts per pole, 3 poles simultaneously, ensuring measurement of 6 Main + 6 PIR contacts simultaneously. Ideally suitable for CBs having PIR contacts & multiple breaks per pole


  • A radically new design makes SCOT the lightest available CB Time Interval Meter
  • High sampling frequency of up-to 10 KHz off ers high timing resolution of 0.1ms
  • Mains as well as rechargeable Li-ion battery operated
  • Real Time Clock, Memory and Printer, Automatic Test time stamping
  • PC Downloading & Analysis including ‘Trend Analysis’ possible with “CData SCOT+” Software supplied with kit
  • Create CB Identifi cation data (CB Library) on PC and upload to instrument - Save the test results in respective CB folder in kit - Download the same to PC in similar folder structure
  • Instrument debug options like Contact Status Check, Command Check, Memory Check, PC Communication Check is provided
  • Simple operation - Tests can be conducted even by technicians
  • Supplied with rugged test lead set, suitable for testing EHV CBs
  • Enclosed in ultra-rugged IP67 class hard molded case