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As an industry leader in supplying sewage water DI pipes & fittings, Dutco Tennant LLC provides solutions to serve millions of people by providing wastewater solutions through its ground-breaking ductile iron pipe product ranges. Each year, dozens of towns and capital cities rely on sewage water network products supplied by us, measuring thousands of kilometers.
With over four decades of experience in supplying sewage water DI socket spigot pipes for industrial as well as residential use, we provide new, cutting-edge solutions made through advanced manufacturing processes to meet emerging infrastructure needs. In collaboration with manufacturers, we are proud to have supplied such products for thousands of projects in the Middle East and the GCC region.
We supply DI spigot pipes for all geographical terrains and worksite settings. Built to be very robust and watertight, our DI cast iron spigot pipes can withstand acidic soil, hostile water, pressure rush, and all types of problems that occur in the transport, conduct, and processing of sewage water.
Ductile Iron is thought of as the most favored pipe material for pressure sewerage applications all over the world. These pipes have higher tensile strength than steel and have the intrinsic corrosion resistance of Cast Iron. Sewage water DI Pipes & Fittings made from Ductile Iron give significant benefits in terms of pressure handling ability, shock resistance and the ability to uphold external loading. We offer DI Pipes & Fittings that are available in various sizes and dimensions as per the consultants' and contractors' requirements. The range includes DI Socket - Spigot Pipes, DI Flanged Type Fittings, and DI Socket Fittings.
Benefits of Sewage DI Pipes and Fittings:
•They offer superior mechanical properties and better corrosion resistance properties.
•Our DI pipes & fittings are far superior to alternative piping material such as plastics and concretes, and are also economical considering lifetime service, durability and reliability.
•Last for around 100 years.
•Extremely durable.
•Products supplied by us are designed to handle the most adverse operating and environmental conditions.
•They can absorb the most challenging operating conditions such as pressure fluctuations and water hammer effect.
•Our DI pipes and fittings can also tolerate extreme high and low temperatures without any effect on brittleness.
We can be seen in various industrial exhibitions and trade fairs held around gulf region, you can contact us to get these products in and around Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and other countries.