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Dissolve Gases Parameter Monitoring Analytical Instrumentation

The comprehensive liquid analysis portfolio for dissolved gas parameters such as Ammonia, chlorine, chlorine-di-oxide, dissolved oxygen, hydrogen peroxide & Ozone in potable water.


Continuous water quality monitoring of ammonia is becoming increasingly important for plant operations and process control. Unfortunately, on-line ammonia monitors are generally very expensive, complex, and labor intensive instruments. Most are automated versions of ammonia selective ion electrodes methods better suited to laboratory measurements. Others are automated colorimetric devices or instrumental methods that are difficult to justify on a cost basis.

A completely new approach to on-line monitoring of ammonia that is far less expensive and much simpler than conventional monitoring equipment. The Dissolved Ammonia Monitor uses reaction chemistry that converts ammonia in solution to a stable monochloramine compound equivalent in concentration to the original ammonia level. The chloramine concentration is then measured with a unique amperometric sensor that responds linearly to chloramines while eliminating interference from excess free chlorine in solution.


Chlorine Monitor is an upgraded version of our proven system for continuous water quality monitoring of free, Total, Residual or combined chlorine. The system uses a polarographic membraned sensor to measure chlorine directly, without the need for chemical reagents.


The Chlorine Dioxide system features a unique membrane-covered polarographic sensor that does not require the addition of chemical reagents. All that’s needed is a constant flow of water across the face of the sensor, and this is provided by a simple constant-head flowcell. The sample water is unaffected by the measurement and can be safely discharged back into the process.


Dissolved Oxygen Monitor is designed to provide reliable oxygen measurement and help reduce operating costs. Two types of sensing technologies are available for use with the system: Membraned Electrochemical and Optical (fluorescence). When process conditions require frequent sensor cleaning, our unique Q-Blast Auto-Cleaner can be used to keeps the system operating nearly maintenance free.


Hydrogen Peroxide Water Quality Monitor is designed to continuously measure the concentration of H2O2 in aqueous systems. With both digital and analog communications available, the unit is adaptable to a wide variety of peroxide monitoring applications. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Transmitter is an extremely strong oxidizer which is widely used in bleaching applications in the paper industry and is sometimes added to water systems for the purpose of disinfection. In order to facilitate the control of aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide feed systems.An on-line monitor cable of providing real-time measurement of low levels of dissolved H2O2 in solution.


Ozone Monitor for Ozonation Systems provides an economical and reliable measurement system for water quality monitoring and controlling ozone treatment systems &for Online Water Quality Monitoring and Control of Ozonation Systems.