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Physical Parameter Monitoring Instrumentation, Automation & Network Monitoring
Physical Parameter Monitoring Analytical Instrumentation

The comprehensive liquid analysis portfolio for physical parameters such as pH/ORP, conductivity, TDS, suspended solids and turbidity in potable, waste & grey water.


The pH Transmitter provides the combination of durability, accuracy, and versatility required for virtually any pH monitoring application. The ORP Transmitter provides the same reliable monitoring system for Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) applications.

Specialty pH/ORP sensors are designed for use with all analyzer systems and generic panel meters, allowing these end users to utilize the same robust features of the standard sensors. The sensors are classified as either Universal or Loop-Powered, depending on the output selected.


The 4-Electrode Conductivity Transmitter is the answer for water quality monitoring almost any water-based process. Drinking water, plating bath solutions, cooling water, process wash water, or virtually any other aqueous system can be monitored accurately and reliably. The “auto-ranging” feature enables the monitor to display the actual conductivity value during “overshoot” conditions.


Turbidity is a general indicator of the optical clarity of water and is defined as the amount of light scattered from particles in solution. In practice, a light beam is directed into a water sample and a photo detector measures the light scattered at 90-degrees to the incident light beam. While other scatter angles are possible, the 90-degree measurement angle has become the standard for turbidity measurement in most water systems. It is used as a relative indicator of the amount of suspended solids in solution, and is measured in virtually all drinking water systems. It is also used in industrial water treatment systems as an indicator of product water quality. Turbidity Water Quality Monitor is designed to meet the needs of both municipal drinking water systems and industrial water treatment for reliable, low-range turbidity measurement.

Using an infrared or energy source in this 90 degree scatter measurement, the system provides high sensitivity measurement with unmatched zero stability. Turbidity measurements down to 0 NTU or as high as 400 NTU can be measured with the same monitor, eliminating the need for separate high and low range instruments.