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Spring Hangers District Cooling Products


  • Precompression. Precompressing the spring into the hanger casing provides the following advantages :
  • Saves up to 50% in headroom by reducing the length of the hanger.
  • Reduces the installed height of the overall hanger assembly.
  • Prevents the spring supporting force from exceeding the normal safe limits of variations.
  • Saves valuable erection time because spring is precompressed close to 1 ⁄2″ of the working range.
  • Calibration : All Variable Spring Hangers and supports are calibrated for accurate loading conditions.
  • Load indicator is clearly seen in the slot, simplifying reading of the scale plate. Load is read from bottom of indicator.
  • Cold set at the factory upon request.
  • Spring and casing are fabricated of steel and are rugged and compact.
  • Piston cap serves as a centering device or guide maintaining spring alignment.
  • Casing protects the spring from damage and weather conditions.
  • Standard Finish : Painted with semi-gloss primer. (Also Corrosion Resistant Finish is available)
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