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Earth Fault Indictor Distribution
The fastest troubleshooting starts with modern short-circuit and earth-fault indicators Through many years of experience, we at Horstmann know that nothing is as relevant for a distribution network operator when troubleshooting as the time factor. High-quality and modern short-circuit and earth-fault indicators with direction display and monitoring function as well as innovative system solutions are the means of choice to reduce the effort and thus the costs of troubleshooting in the medium-voltage network to a minimum. Keyword error: Short-circuit and earth-fault direction indicators ensure immediate and safe localization of the fault location. Another strong argument for our products: the on-site display and the remote signaling to the control center take place in parallel, if desired also switching from afar. Because we know: only the targeted release and switchover are guarantors for a quick resupply of the consumers. All in all, these technical properties stand for a noticeable minimization of the effort involved in troubleshooting and a constantly high availability of the energy supply - the costs for the energy supply companies (EVU) decrease and revenues can be optimised. The reliability of the short-circuit and earth-fault indicators in continuous monitoring and thus in normal operation also speaks for our high level of technical expertise. Our products stand for the highest quality like few others. As a customer, you benefit not only from the provision of up-to-date and highly accurate measured values ​​for current and voltage, but also from a large amount of other information from the distribution network. From the reliable transmission of simple station messages such as door contacts or temperature alarms to the transmission of status information from the digital local network station - we ensure transparency in the distribution network. The fact that existing medium-voltage switchgear can be easily retrofitted and brought up to the latest technical standard using retrofit solutions not only ensures you a large number of new concepts, such as e.g. B. Predictive maintenance. It also represents the plus in technical competence that we at Horstmann guarantee in the field of short-circuit and earth-fault indicators.