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Energy Saving RO Membrane for Water Treatment Water Treatment
Energy Saving RO Membrane for Water Treatment Membranes for Water Treatment

Dutco Tennant brings a range of Energy Saving membranes in order to meet the demands of the Gulf Countries which mainly rely on desalination for water requirements. Depending on the desired product, there is a range of ESPA Reverse Osmosis Membranes that Dutco Tennant offers. Each of these Energy Saving Brackish Water range of RO Membranes is applicable to certain feed water and system and most are produced for our clients to receive the highest productivity and salt rejection.

The energy from the high-pressure pump of an RO system is without a doubt the highest source of consumption of energy therefore ESPA (Energy-Saving Polyamide) Membranes operates at significantly lower operating pressures without compromising the efficiency and salt rejection of the normal Reverse Osmosis Membrane. ESPA elements produce high-quality water in a various range of water treatment applications, ensuring energy cost savings.

ESPA membranes are preferably used for the treatment of drinking water, recovery and reuse of municipal and industrial wastewater, and industrial process waters for its exceptional performance capability. As part of polishing units in seawater desalination plants when boron rejection is critical, these membranes are also used.

Optimum salt rejection and permeate flows are offered by ESPA2 membranes. They are chosen when lower permeate TDS and lower feed pressures are needed. ESPA2 membranes offer the highest energy efficiency at the lowest costs and are used in large municipal wastewater reclamation plants.

Depending on the system there are available ESPA (Energy-Saving Polyamide) membranes in 2 different sizes: 4” and 8” diameter

Hydranautics membrane supplied by Dutco comes from either Japan/USA. The Energy Saving Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis water filtration technology which is ESPA2 Membrane is a Composite Polyamide. The advantages in using the Hydranautics (Nitto) ESPERO Membrane are each element offers the highest productivity and salt rejection rates in the industry combined with the optimized flow, low fouling, and low energy consumption and does not need to be cleaned frequently thus reducing treatment cost while offering extreme durability and consistent performance.

Dutco has years of experience in dealing with energy-saving brackish water reverse osmosis filtration membranes which are important to make sure that the water that you are getting is up to the standard of the local municipality and as well as satisfactory for the application whether it’s for seawater, brackish water or greywater.

Our group of technical people are knowledgeable and trained to design the best suitable solution or method in which the system will best cater to your requirement as well as to make sure that systems will be installed, commissioned, and ran at optimum conditions.

For price details and other information feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you out with the best service.


  • 99.6% nominal rejection
  • Low feed pressure requirement and high energy efficiency


  • Treatment of ground, surface, and wastewater
  • High purity industrial applications
  • Boron reduction for potable and agricultural water
  • Municipal wastewater reclamation