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Flash Systems for Chromatography Solutions Chemical Lab Solutions

The Sepacore® flash chromatography systems X10 and X50 address most requirements for the purification of organic compounds. Whether a crude synthesis mixture or a plant extract has to be purified, the system offers optimal performance and scale-up capability.


  • High efficiency separations at a pressure up to 50 bar
  • Saves time by simultaneously monitoring four wavelengths
  • Multisignal monitoring for peak detection and fraction collection
  • Suitable for all flash purification requirements
  • Easy system expansion with a modular configuration
  • Wide choice of corresponding flash cartridges and glass columns
  • Detection over all UV-Vis range
  • Optional ELSD
  • Sample injection scalable from a few milligrams up to hundred grams
  • Elution flow rate up to 250 mL/min
  • Purification scale-up performance on large cartridges (up to 1600 g) or glass columns

Technical Data

Degree of protection IP20
Function 3- piston pump chemically inert and biocompatible
Pressure range 0 – 10 bar (0 – 145 psi) or 0 – 50 bar (0 – 725 psi)
Flow rate 2.5 mL/min – 250 mL/min
Flow rate accuracy +/- 2 % of the set flow rate, calibration option for specific solvents and temperatures
Reproducibility +/- 0.5 % of the set flow rate


  • Chromatography Pharmaceutical
  • Chromatography Chemicals
  • Chromatography Food
  • Chromatography Academia