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Preparative Chromatography System Analytical Solutions
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Preparative Chromatography System Dutcotennant

The Preparative Chromatography System is an advanced and powerful system that allows the chemist to see previously invisible components and impurities, helping to provide maximum purity and recovery of target compounds in minimal time.


Detection Technology
  • Simplifies fraction collection
  • Reduces post purification work
  • Maximizes recovery of target molecules
Navigator software
  • Improve target purities and recovery
  • Simplify method optimization
  • Reduce solvent waste/costs
  • Shorten run times
UV and ELS detection
  • Flash purification of Gallachinensis extract. The target compound can be detected with UV as well as ELSD.


High Performance
  • Synchronized detection and fraction collection from up to four detector signals
  • Detects the widest range of compounds
  • Maximizes recoveries by directing only 30 µL/min or less of your sample to ELSD
  • Quickly modify run parameters on a large 12” touch screen display
  • Edit gradients in real time, using click and drag or table
  • Auto-recognition of cartridges and trays reduces set-up time, and the risk of potential errors
  • Detect chromophores, non chromophores, and visible sample components from mg to kg quantities
  • Purify complex samples from discovery through process R&D
  • Easily switch between normal phase and reversed-phase applications

Products Covered

  • Flash Chromatography System
  • Flash columns