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Fog Based Dust Suppression System Material Handling Products

Fog Based Dust Suppression System is a compressed air driven fog based system ideal for bulk material handling plants which are moisture sensitive and require control of sub-micron dust particles.

This system is another unique method to tackle fugitive dust emission at the source itself. Instead of using a chemical, plain water is mixed compressed air in a ratio through our highly efficient acoustic nozzles which produces millions of miniscule water droplets (0 to 30 microns in size) in the form of a Dense Dry Fog, which when kept entrapped within an enclosure at a dust generating transfer point, can efficiently contain and control even fine dust particulate of PM 10 size.

The system is ideal in situations where control of fine dust is required; where moisture and/or chemical addition is not allowed and where localized dust control is desired. Often, the Fog Based Dust Suppression System can be a retrofit for a bag filter system!