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Haul-Loc Dust, Erosion Control , Soil Stabilization & Water Management

GRT Haul-Loc is a specially developed liquid polymer added to watering trucks used to reduce water required for continuous dust control & suppression by at least 50% and extend the dust suppressing effects four to five times longer than water alone.

Designed especially for the conditions of the mining and resource parts, GRT Haul Loc can be applied using existing site water trucks, tankers, or sprinklers. Mixed with water, Haul-Loc is sprayed onto roads, it binds and creates a stable layer resistant to traffic jam, wind erosion, and rainfall impact.

Ultra-concentrate that uses GRT’s LCP technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water cart operations by up to 500%. Save water, eliminate dust, and improve safety on your haul roads.


  • Non Hazardous
  • Simple & Easy to Apply
  • Non Flammable & Non volatile
  • Water Resistant
  • Non Leeching
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Dissipating
  • Dries Completely odorless
  • Ultraviolet Resistant
  • Environmentally Safe


  • Ideal for established, permanent operations or long-term projects
  • Immediate cost benefits compared to continually watering
  • Improved health and safety on site
  • Non Toxic & Environmentally safe

Area of Use:

  • Haul Roads
  • Cleared Sites
  • Environmental Management