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HDPE Pipes & Fittngs For Sports Turf Irrigation Sports Turf Irrigation (Golf Course, Sports Stadium)

Polyethylene Pipes are popularly used in Irrigation for pesticides and fertilizers. The amazing properties of polyethylene pipes in comparison with all the other types of pipes have made it amazingly popular for being used in the conduction network of agricultural fertilizer, pesticides, and distribution of water. Some of the amazing properties of the HDPE pipes are low cost, high strength and durability, easy to install, resistance to corrosion, lightweight, hygienic, high diversity in sizes, nontoxic, durability against the sun rays. These are the points for persuading the responsible people and farmers to use these Polyethylene Pipes.

Currently, these pipes are being used in almost every greenhouse and farms, diverse connections to water the farms and gardens are produced and market that is able to control the output levels of water and as a result to control the number of fertilizers and the required pesticides for plants and it also prevents these resources from getting away. Another aspect is the result that matters and which is that any plant cannot be impregnated along with a high amount of pesticides and toxin and therefore for the consumers, there will be more healthy plants. Agricultural Polyethylene pipes are capable to run the transmission and distribution of chemical fertilizers by the water flow and via them also to increase the efficiency of the fertilizer consumption. It can also prevent the creation of unwanted moisture in sports fields and turf as a result of preventing the breaking out of some diseases like fungus and parasites at farms. These pipes have a high variety in the size and working pressure. Application-specific pipes will also be used according to the needs and their necessity. For all your needs of HDPE Pipes & Fittings for Sports Turf Irrigation, in the Middle East, you can get in touch with Dutco Tennant LLC.


  • Deduction of related costs of flotation systems, installation, and irrigation management.
  • Increasing the volume, speed, and pressure for cleaning water transmission for agricultural products in a completely controlled way.
  • Reducing the loss of water and water leaks when compared with other systems of traditional piping.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the equipment and employers with respect to the and easy up polyethylene.
  • Minimizing risks of the distraction of water.
  • Decreasing the costs of maintenance and reparation of the irrigation system.