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Ductile Iron PICV HVAC Products
The Diaphragm Type-Ductile Iron PICV valve offers the following functions :
  • Good valve authority to maintain temperature control and power output from the terminal unit using the complete stroke of the valve.
  • Maximum design flow limitation: once set, the 94F maintains design flow regardless of pressure changes in the system.
  • It can easily be set up once installed, using the M94F actuator provided.


  • Modulating temperature control valve
  • The design flow can be set on the actuator and then the valve maintains that flow during commissioning
  • No requirement for differential pressure control and balancing valves
  • Large diaphragm to ensure good performance
  • No valve sizing calculation is required as it maintains constant differential pressure (then flow rate) across itself

Technical Data

  • ΔP max. 400 kPa / 4 bar.
  • Temperature -10 ÷ 120 °C
  • Working pressure max 1600 kPa / 16 bar
  • Rangeability>100IEC 60534-2-3
  • LeakageClass IVIEC 60534-4