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Electromagnetic Type – BTU Meter (Energy Meters) HVAC Controls

Electromagnetic BTU meter is designed to accurately measure the heat or cold energy of a water heating/cooling circuit. It is consisted of three parts, an electromagnetic flow sensor, a pair of temperature sensors and a main unit. The main unit is a powerful console which combines high accuracy flow measurement, temperature measurement and BTU calculation.

The temperature sensors are high accuracy 3-wire PT1000 sensors. They are paired and calibrated in factory to achieve better than 0.15°F (0.08°C) accuracy for temperature difference measurement.


  • High accuracy, billing grade. Up to 0.5% accuracy for flow, 0.15°F (0.08°C) for temperature difference
  • Plug and play. All parameters are pre-configured in factory
  • Integrated BTU measurement system. Single source responsibility
  • Two flow sensor options: full bore sensor for high accuracy, insertion sensor for easy installation
  • Bi-directional
  • Short straight-pipe run, thus, suitable for any desired installation location
  • No moving parts to wear and tear. Save maintenance cost
  • Standard output: 4-20mA, pulse, dry contact (relay)
  • Optional MODBUS, BACnet or Wireless for easy BMS or PLC integration