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Ultrasonic Type - BTU Meter (Energy Meters) HVAC Controls

Time has shown that the ultrasonic technology has been extremely reliable in terms of accuracy over time. Through research and development we have focused on improving measuring stability over the entire product lifetime. We can therefore now document that our energy meters measure correctly and deliver reliable consumption data still after more than 15 years in operation.

Cooling meters can be mains or battery powered. The battery lifetime lasts for up to 16 years. Long term stability, long battery lifetime and a maintenance free energy meter result in very low operational costs and a low total cost of ownership without compromising the data reliability.


  • Ultrasonic principle
  • Accurate, rugged, non-wearing
  • Glass-fiber reinforced measurement tube
  • Smart metering for all applications
  • No straight pipe sections necessary
  • Any mounting orientation without limitation
  • Environmental-friendly construction
  • Huge dynamic range: 1:1000
  • Storage for 24 monthly values
  • 2 monthly set days
  • Battery operated up to 15 years
  • Optical interface for read-out with hand-held terminal
  • M-Bus , Modbus , Bacnet interface for Monitoring
  • Wireless M-Bus Interface
  • Pulse Interface
  • Mbus, Modbus, Bacnet connectivity for BMS integration