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Hydrocyclone Filter For Sports Turf Irrigation Sports Turf Irrigation (Golf Course, Sports Stadium)

Sand Separators or Hydrocyclone are centrifugal filters that are typically used to remove particles like sand and other types of solids from the water which will be used for irrigation. They are suited mainly for situations in which a pile of sand is present in the water. IN a vertical way, the units are mounted. Via the tangential inlet, the water will enter and it will produce a downward spinning movement. Pressed against the body of the filter by centrifugal force, the sediments get accumulated at the bottom of the filter. To flush out the accumulated sediments, into the bottom of the unit or the collection manifold, a drain valve is placed. Dutco Tennant LLC can supply you with hydro cyclone filters that are designed to filter out the sand from the water before the irrigation process starts. They have been designed with reinforced engineering plastics to be excellently durable and are imagined hydrodynamically to create maximum centrifugal action. Easily through the drain port, the collected sand and dirt can be flushed out. They are very easy to install and are very easy to maintain and robust in nature, all of which can offer amazing performance. They are suitable for use in Sports and Turf Irrigation projects.

Features & Specifications

  • The dirt can be flushed out via the drain port easily
  • The easy clean ability of the collection chamber by opening the cover of the collector
  • Easy to install and almost zero maintenance
  • Specially designed high wear-resistant special plastic which is inserted in the bottom of the cone for avoiding wear because of strong sand vortex