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Sand Separator For Sports Turf Irrigation Sports Turf Irrigation (Golf Course, Sports Stadium)

Premature degradation of irrigation system components can occur due to pumping out water from wells or other sources having excessive amounts of silt, sand, or other abrasive grit particles. The efficiency of the sports turf irrigation system can be hampered by these contaminants when the spray nozzles, drip emitters, sprinklers, and valves can get plugged or clogged. The repairing process of these components can cost a lot of time and money for replacing the parts that can create downtime and hamper productivity. The sand separators which we supply can minimize the required amount of maintenance and can also increase efficiency. These sand separators have been designed to separate the abrasive particles much before then they can enter the irrigation system which keeps the equipment clean and clear from debris for minimizing the required maintenance on the irrigation system and also increase the operational efficiency.

After entering the device, the liquids and solids start to travel in a circular flow. Due to this centrifugal action, heavy particles are thrown towards the walls of the filter and eventually go down in a spiral motion to the separation chamber. These particulates get collected in the separation chamber and then they are manually purged from the system. Then the filter is then drawn to the separator’s vortex and via the outlet. For automating the purge process, an optimal automatic purge valve and control can be used. It can eliminate the requirement of manual flushing. Small vertical design separators need to be supported or wall mounted by the system piping.


  • Have no moving parts
  • It has carbon steel construction and comes with flanged or threaded inlet/outlet connections
  • Offers long service life due to polyester powder coating
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced sand load on downstream components with efficient pre-filter