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Impact Testing Mechanical Testing Equipment

The resilience test allows determining the fragility or resistance that opposes a material to the break. This resistance is known with the name of resilience and expressed in Joules. To realize the test is employed the pendulum of fall that measures the existing residual energy after the break. Sophisticated series of modular impact testers expandable with instrumented strain gauged striking edge with high-speed data acquisition system, patented laser opto-electronic-measuring-system for deflection (bending) and crack opening measurement for the experimental determination of the intensity of stress, KID / KIC-factor with ultra high speed ADC board for data acquisition.


  • Safety lock to hold the pendulum in its raised position
  • Easy sample mounting by pliers or by automatic sample centering
  • Electric break that stops the pendulum on its highest position on the return swing for most productive testing
  • 4-digit digital display for direct absorbed energy reading
  • Optional automatic hammer recognition
  • Safety guard with interlock so that the test cannot be started unless the guard is fully closed
  • The guard can be fully opened for maintenance or cleaning
  • Easy exchangeable strikers (EN or ASTM) and anvils
  • Stiff and low-vibration two-column design
  • Low friction bearings for maximum accuracy