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Universal Testing Machine Mechanical Testing Equipment

Universal Testing Machine is capable to provide accurate, repeatable and reliable results for tensile, compression, flexure, peel, shear, tear or friction tests on a wide range of different materials for quality control, product development, research or process development.

The universal testing machines are “state-of-the-art”, rugged and durable designed especially suitable for high capacity testing of round, flat and profile specimens meeting the needs of the metal, aerospace, automotive and fasten industries. The economic solution mainly in the field of higher and highest capacity testing.


  • The servo-actuator, which is integrated in the upper crosshead with a long piston stroke makes testing space accessible for easy and efficient testing of different samples lengths.
  • The high precision load cell is located between base platen and lower grip, providing high accuracy test after test.
  • The long piston stroke meets the extreme requirements of international standards without changing the crosshead adjustment.
  • On piston rod end an anti-rotation system prevents the natural tendency of the actuator to rotate.
  • Ergonomically design with unchanged height of lower grip and accessible test space for easy and efficient testing.
  • With chrome plated columns for easy cleaning and longest life.