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IN Flanged Butterfly Valve Irrigation Network

Flanged butterfly valves are of a double eccentric design.
It provides complete leakage tightness by its elastomeric seat which is connected to disc with the retaining ring. It is generally controlled manually with gearbox, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator. They are used for On/off purpose.


  • Drinking water and Irrigation Systems
  • Liquids with no acidic or alcalic or flammable value.


Rubberlined EVFL



Concentric butterfly valve with bonded vulcanised rubber linings

Body type

Double flanged type

End connection

ISO, PN 6 / PN 10 / PN 16

Design pressure

16 bar / 232 psi

Nominal diameter

DN 50 / NPS 2 up to DN 1500 / NPS 60

Building length

Double flanged long, acc. EN 558 / ISO 5752 Serie 14

Body material

Grey cast iron
Nodulair cast iron


Rubber seat


Worm gear
Pneumatic actuators
Electric actuators
Hydraulic actuators