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Butterfly Valve Industrial Units, Warehouses & Fuel Stations

Our butterfly valves with its unique features have been used in water and fire protection Industry for many years. Butterfly valves are with discs totally encapsulated with Rubber offering bubbletightshut off. Valves are designed for Low torque operation, High cycle life and Low weight.

The valves are specifically designed for Fire water service and available with operators as Standard Gear units and Limit switches suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Valves are with Flag position Indicator and Aluminum name plates . Complete assembly is UL/FM Approved.


End Connection Type
Wafer Suitable to mount between ANSI 150 & ANSI 125 Flangs
Options PN 16 flange suitability
Grooved Suitable to mount to ANSI/AWWA Couplings


Available in sizes 21/2 to 8 inch.

Technical Data

Working Pressure 300 PSIG (20.7 bar)
Maximum Temperature 160 Deg. F (70 Deg. C)