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IPS SCADA Based Control Systems Irrigation Pumping Station

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition which is a system of hardware and software elements allowing industrial organizations to control industrial processes locally or at remote locations, gathering or monitoring and processing real-time data, record events into a log file, directly interacting with devices like valves, sensors, motors, pumps and more via human-machine interface software. For industrial organizations, SCADA systems are important as they can help for maintaining efficiency; communicate system issues for helping to reduce downtime, and process data for smarter decisions. The basics of SCADA architecture starts with remote terminal units (RTUs) or programmable logic controllers. The PLC and RTU are microcomputers that can communicate with the help of an array of objects like HMIs, factory machines, end devices, and sensors and then route the information from those objects to computers with the help of SCADA software. The SCADA software can distribute processes and display the data which helps operators and other employees for analyzing the data and to take more important decisions. As an example, the SCADA system can notify an operator that a batch of products is showing a high percentage of error, and then the operator will pause the operations and view the SCADA system with the help of an HMI for determining the cause of the issue. The operator will review the data and find out that Machine 4 was malfunctioning. The ability of the SCADA system to notify the operator of an issue helps them to quickly resolve it and prevent the further loss of product.

These systems are widely used by companies and industrial organizations in the private and public sectors for maintaining and controlling efficiency, distribute data for making smarter decisions and communicate the issue of the system for helping to reduce downtime. SCADA systems can work well in several types of enterprises as they can range from very simple configuration to large, more complex installations. For modern industries like Oil and Gas, Energy, Transportation, Food and beverage, power, manufacturing, recycling, water and wastewater, and others. In almost every area of the modern world, some type of SCADA system can be found running behind the scenes which maintain the refrigeration system at the local supermarket and ensure safety and production at a refinery which achieves the required quality standards at a wastewater treatment plant or even tracking the use of our energy at home.

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