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IPS Two Wire Decoder Control System Irrigation Pumping Station

Decoders are electronic devices connected to a wire path from an irrigation controller. They can operate irrigation valve solenoids by receiving both power and signal from the same wire path. This makes way for the installation of various irrigation stations down the same wire run rather than needing a separate wire for every solenoid. Decoder systems are not like “conventional” wiring systems as they allow to control of various valves over a very long distance with corresponding savings in labor and wire. The installer needs to invest in the decoder electronics themselves which will be offset by some of the wire savings. Most systems are equipped with a “break-even” point at which the savings in the copper wire can offset the cost of the decoders. The breakeven point mainly depends on the selected controller. Commonly, most of the contractors can easily find this point to be anyplace between 18 and 30 valves.

Advantages of a Decoder System
Protection from the Elements

The field components of a Decoder System have been designed specifically for underground usage so they are extremely weatherproof. This makes the decoder system a suitable application for a site that can have a flood at any time. In any place where an automatic control system can be damaged by the elements of nature, a decoder system can be buried without the fear of getting damaged.


A Decoder Controller offers transparent automatic control of the irrigation system. There is much lesser above ground obstructions, which makes a decoder system ideal for any application in which the elegant beauty of the site for remaining undisturbed. Automatic irrigation control can be installed on a site with having a lesser number of above-ground enclosures. Adding to that, the high number of stations that are capable of a decoder controller can minimize the need for installing five or four conventionally wired controllers where the Two-Wire Decoder Control System can be installed.

Flexible Installation and Simple Expansion

A decoder controller system can control the field decoders with the help of only a two-wire path that runs between all the decoders and the decoder controller. This Two Wire path can carry all the communication for the decoders along with powering the solenoids of the control valves. To the field in any of the desired type of layout, decoders can be added. This flexible installation can simplify the process of installation and also allows the installation to be done in several phases. The decoder system can be installed initially in phases. When additional areas are being prepared for irrigation, they can be connected to the rest of the system easily by splicing into a two-wire path on the existing layout. If sprinklers or valves are needed to be added, you can simply wire the new valve to a decoder and connect the new decoder to the existing two-wire path and program the address for this decoder into the controller.

Dutco Tennant LLC can supply you with a wide range of Two-Wire Decoder Control System in the Middle East.


  • Modular 24Vac Controller, model very easy to use and with a large capacity modular irrigation stations.
  • Interchangeable Menu-Covers in 3 languages : Spanish, English and French.
  • Number of local stations: 6 stations + MV. Expandable with modules of 3 stations to 15 stations.
  • Number of programs: 3 independent programs and overlapping (A, B and C).
  • Number of starts: 4 starts per program.
  • Cycle time: up to 7 days. Calendar year.
  • Programming times: from 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • MANUAL STARTING of stations and programs.
  • Volatile memory that stores the programs carried out and are not deleted in case of blackouts.
  • Easy installation, programming and use thanks to its versatile design and control logic.
  • 5-key ergonomic keyboard and multimando selector switch.
  • Digital display and user-friendly logic.
  • Position PAUSE and DELAY.
  • Adjusting water budget between 10% and 150%. Time cycles.
  • Input for normally open (eg, rain sensor rain-click).
  • Security system with internal battery to save time in case of blackouts.
  • Safe for outdoor installation with IP-65 INOX incorporating locks.
  • Quick reference chart user and irrigation on the inside cover of the door.


Voltage: 220 V - 24 V 300 mA transformer included. Output: 300 mA through TRIAC. Number of valves supported: One 24 VAC solenoid per output at no more than 300 metres distance (depends on the model and transformer). Terminal strip: cables of up to 1.5 mm2