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IPS Two Wire Decoder Control System Irrigation Pumping Station


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  • Modular 24Vac Controller, model very easy to use and with a large capacity modular irrigation stations.
  • Interchangeable Menu-Covers in 3 languages : Spanish, English and French.
  • Number of local stations: 6 stations + MV. Expandable with modules of 3 stations to 15 stations.
  • Number of programs: 3 independent programs and overlapping (A, B and C).
  • Number of starts: 4 starts per program.
  • Cycle time: up to 7 days. Calendar year.
  • Programming times: from 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • MANUAL STARTING of stations and programs.
  • Volatile memory that stores the programs carried out and are not deleted in case of blackouts.
  • Easy installation, programming and use thanks to its versatile design and control logic.
  • 5-key ergonomic keyboard and multimando selector switch.
  • Digital display and user-friendly logic.
  • Position PAUSE and DELAY.
  • Adjusting water budget between 10% and 150%. Time cycles.
  • Input for normally open (eg, rain sensor rain-click).
  • Security system with internal battery to save time in case of blackouts.
  • Safe for outdoor installation with IP-65 INOX incorporating locks.
  • Quick reference chart user and irrigation on the inside cover of the door.
Voltage: 220 V - 24 V 300 mA transformer included. Output: 300 mA through TRIAC. Number of valves supported: One 24 VAC solenoid per output at no more than 300 metres distance (depends on the model and transformer). Terminal strip: cables of up to 1.5 mm2