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Nonwoven Root Guard Landscape & Irrigation

Nonwoven Root Guard - Geotextiles are specially fabricated to be used in geotechnical, geoenvironmental, hydraulic and transportation engineering applications. It is convenient to identify the primary function of a geosynthetics as being one of: separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, erosion control and asphalt absorption. In many cases the geosynthetic may serve dual functions.


  • Separation : Geotextiles maintain the integrity of civil engineering structures by keeping critical construction materials separated.
  • Filtration : As a filter, geotextiles allow water through systems wilthout damaging erosion.
  • Drainage :  Fluids may drain in the plane of a geotextile.
  • Reinforcement :  The strength of geotextiles can reinforce structures.
  • Protection : The bulk and strength of nonwoven geotextiles can protect systems.
  • Asphalt Absorption/Barrier :  Asphalt saturated nonwoven geotextile layers enhance pavement performance.