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Salt Barrier Landscape & Irrigation

Salt Barrier prevents "sweet" soil zone damage of soft landscaping areas, caused by the capillary rise of saline groundwater.

The Salt Barrier geosynthetics is developed specifically to replace the traditional 300mm crushed stone granular layer, reducing the environmental impact by avoiding the use of a primary resource and the associated transportation costs.It has a proven track record on a number of high-profile projects including the Middle East where it was used extensively in the Palm Jumeirah Development.


  • Durability : This product is predicted to be durable for more than 25 years in soils with a pH in the range 2 to 14 and with a temperature of less than 250C
  • Chemical resistance :  Polypropylene and polyethylene are unaffected by the chemicals which normally exist in soils.
  • Biological resistance : Polypropylene and polyethylene are not nutrients for micro-organisms and do not provide nourishment for animals & insects.
  • UV exposure :  Geosynthetics’ products are delivered to site in polyethylene wrapping to protect against the effects of ultra-violet radiation. It is recommended that the products remain wrapped until their installation. Once unwrapped, the products should be completely covered with fill within 14 days to avoid exposure to UV radiation.