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  • Manufactured with Premium Grade LLDPE material Makes the tubing durable and gives best environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR).
  • No Environmental Effects UV stabilised tubing does not have any environmental effects.
  • Flexiblity in colour selection Black - Standard colour for agriculture, Brown - for landscape application, White - for greenhouse application, Purple - for reclaimed water application.
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances Excellent Characteristics of LLDPE provided durable tubing with close dimensional tolerances.
  • Marked with Two Parallel Yellow Stripes `Twin- Line®´ Symbol of quality. It also helps for proper positioning of the dripper.
  • Ease of Installation Available in prepunched option at specified spacings. Standard punch size 2.5mm, other punch size can be supplied on demand.
  • Nominal Diameter : 12 mm to 32 mm Working Pressure : 2.0 kg/cm² to 4 kg/cm² Standards : IS / ISO / ASAE / AS / ASTM