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Load break/dead break Cable accessories upto 33 kV (MV) Generation

Chardon is your “one stop” for product design, materials/parts sourcing, manufacturing, and product qualification. Chardon is the third largest manufacturer of IEEE/ANSI cable accessories in the world. Chardon has major customers in Taiwan, China, South Korea and North and South America.

We are one of the few cable accessory manufacturers that compound our own EPDM formulations. All of the formulations in use today were developed by Chardon. In addition to using these formulations for our own products, all of our OEM customers have approved Chardon developed compounds for use in their products.

Having our own compounding capability allows us to track every batch of material all the way through to our end products. In 2009 we redesigned our line of ANSI/IEEE 600 amp cable accessories from 15 kV through 35 kV. We studied all of the competitive products on the market, and attempted to incorporate the best features of each into our products. Today, our 600 amp product line is “as good as or better than” competitive offerings.