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Medium Ion Pumps Vaccum & Leak Detection Solutions

Agilent medium VacIon Plus pumps offer 20 to 75 L/s pumping speed for nitrogen. These pumps are used in applications working in UHV and XHV range: scanning electron devices, large particle accelerators, medical devices, and surface analysis.

VacIon Plus 20 Pump-

20 L/s versatile, small form factor ion pump, used in a wide range of UHV and XHV applications

VacIon Plus 40 Pump-

40 L/s compact, general-purpose ion pump, commonly used in sensitive electron microscopes

VacIon Plus 55 Pump-

Increased pumping speed performance, typically used in ultra- and extreme high vacuum applications

VacIon Plus 75 Pump-

Highest pumping speed of the medium ion pump family, used in UHV and XHV critical research