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Nano - Indentation Material Research

Nano-Indentor is a new generation of ultra-high sensitivity magneto-optical magnetometer and Kerr microscope. It offers high performance laser magnetometry and near video-rate Kerr microscopy in a single machine. It is sensitive to the longitudinal, transverse and polar magneto-optical Kerr effects and is ideally suited to measuring the magnetic properties of thin magnetic films and magnetic nanostructures. Such measurements are commonly made during research and development into :

  • Magnetic nanotechnology
  • Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM)
  • Recording heads
  • Patterned magnetic media
  • Spintronics / magneto-electronics
  • GMR / TMR
  • Thin film magnetism
  • Magnetic field sensors


  • Ultra-high sensitivity and stability combined with very low noise
  • Highly focused laser spot
  • Advanced laser rastering mirror system
  • Excellent imaging quality
  • Fully automated integrated optics
  • Extendable and interoperable