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Physical Properties Measurement Material Research

The PPMS or Physical Properties Measurement System represents a unique concept in laboratory equipment: an open architecture, variable temperature-field system, designed to perform a variety of automated measurements. The PPMS works like a dedicated system, but its tremendous flexibility lets you perform different types of measurements. Plus, you can easily integrate your own unique experiment with the PPMS. Sample environment controls include fields up to ±16 tesla and temperature range of 1.9 - 400 K.

Its advanced expandable design combines many features in one instrument to make the PPMS the most versatile system of its kind. We are here to help you perform your research more effectively.

PPMS Features

  • Sealed sample chamber with 2.6 cm diameter sample access.
  • Ever Cool-II cryogen-free cooling technology.
  • Versatile sample mounts couple easily to the 12 electrical leads built into the cryostat insert.
  • Continuous Low-Temperature Control – maintains temperature below 4.2 K and offers smooth temperature transitions when warming and cooling through 4.2 K.
  • Temperature Sweep Mode.
  • User Experiments – External instruments may be controlled automatically using an integrated Visual Basic interface within our Windows-based MultiVu control software or by controlling external Visual C++, Delphi or Visual Basic programs. In addition, our Grapher utility displays data as it is being collected.

PPMS Magnet Options

  • Select from 7, 9, 14 and 16 tesla magnets.
  • Or order a system with no magnet and add a magnet when needed.
  • A split-coil 7 tesla transverse magnet is also available.

PPMS Heat Capacity

  • Temperature Range: 1.9–400 K
  • Sample Size: 1–500 mg
  • Resolution: 10 nJ/K @ 2 K