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NIR Spectrometers Industrial Solutions


BUCHI NIR-Online®InProcessControl Solution maximizes your production efficiency and product quality by correcting process deviations immediately. Monitoring e.g. moisture, protein, fat or residual components directly inside a machine indicates when to start or stop a batch leading to maximum output. Additionally, optimum production parameters reduce mechanical wear and tear. The perfect integration of NIR-Online Analyzers to industry relevant standards gives rise to full process control such as multi-component dosage in mixing.

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  • Extensive control room expertise
  • Direct display of key parameters in the existing process control system via Modbus
  • Profibus
  • Datalab IO, TCP/IP, RS422 and various other standards
  • Wireless BlueTooth integration to rotating machines
  • Large adapter portfolio for straightforward integration
  • Robust design copes with harsh climate conditions for outdoor installations
  • Extensive and highly trained service network for fast response
  • Online application and service support available
  • 24/7 analysis of product relevant parameters at the fraction of costs of laboratory methods
  • Average payback period less than one year